About Ferox australis

Our Organisation

From the team who helped create Mozzie Monitors, Activating Australians for Citizen Science, and now the Great Southern BioBlitz, we present, Ferox australis

Ferox australis, Latin for Wild of the South, is an Australian based not-for-profit organisation aimed at engaging citizens in science globally.


The ethos of our organisation is to increase public environmental education through the use of citizen science-related tools and initiatives. 


The objectives of our organisation are to:


  • Host, promote, and collaborate in ecologically focused events to engage local, national and international communities in citizen science activities. 

  • Work collaboratively with governments, council, and other environmentally focused groups in engaging the public in citizen science. 

  • Deliver environmentally-focused citizen science educational programs and workshops to the public.

  • Connect individuals and communities in citizen science-related discussions and initiatives. 

  • Facilitate the collection, research, analysis and dissemination of scientific data with the public for environmentally focused projects.

  • Promote discussion, awareness, and participation in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals related to biodiversity.

Our Mission

Living in a world threatened by human activity, climate action, and environmental conservation is more important than ever, as targeted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe that spreading awareness amongst the community is the first step in protecting our environment towards this goal.

We aim to do this by engaging citizens in science, increasing environmental education, and sharing in the unique biodiversity that can be found all around us.

Our Team


Stephen Fricker

Co-Founder &


A biologist with a long history in vector biology, Stephen is a prominent citizen science engager with a passion for promoting biodiversity awareness, and for improving public health through local and international community collaborations.


Seamus Doherty

Co-Founder & Vice President

Currently undertaking his PhD in environmental research, Seamus is a biologist, and seasoned citizen science leader. With a passion for nature conservation, Seamus has a plethora of experience engaging and educating citizens in science, both locally and internationally.


Larissa Sousa

Co-Founder &


A PhD candidate at the University of South Australia, Larissa is a biologist and science teacher from Brazil, with a large passion for education and public health advocacy. Larissa also has a Masters degree from the Sao Paulo State University, with her current research focusing on citizen science mosquito surveillance to enhance public health literacy and education outcomes.