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Froggy February 2022

Our Monthly Challenge continues with another splendid effort, in the last month we all contributed a massive effort. The numbers will only go up as people may upload observations in the next few weeks. As of writing, we have contributed

Observations 6,267 (6,174 in Australia alone)

Species 2,122

Identifiers 528

Observers 65 (31 with more than 50 observations at the time of writing, for the updated stats, check here)


Where have our observations been made?


For the latest stats check out the February Challenge-Updated Stats.

Together our 62 Australian observers accounted for around 7 % of all observations within Australia over the month of February (at time of writing), while constituting only around 1.1% of all Australian iNaturalists observers active during the month.

This month saw a drop below 100,000 Australian iNaturalist observations for the month, this is the first time since September 2021, the number of observations has dropped below 100K observations this may be due to the floods along Australia's eastern seaboard and the lift on Covid 19 restrictions. This trend may continue in March as some of Australia's most prolific observers have been restricted to investigating their backyard Biodiversity.

The most observed species February 2022

Dainty Green Tree Frog, Ranoidea gracilenta, © Greg Tasney, some rights reserved (CC-BY-SA) Beaudesert - Pt A, Queensland, Australia

For the latest results of the current Month check the

<a href="/observations?d1=2022-02-01&d2=2022-02-28&place_id=any&project_id=activating-for-citizen-science-umbrella&subview=grid" target="_blank">February 2022 Challenge-Updated Stats</a>

How does this compare with last year

Highlights for the month

Tyler's Tree Frog, Litoria tyleri © Greg Tasney, some rights reserved (CC-BY-SA) Brookfield (incl. Brisbane Forest Park), D'Aguilar, Queensland, Australia, The specific name honors Michael J. Tyler, an Australian herpetologist who taught me many years ago at Adelaide University.

A beetle of the tribe Pentodontini, observed by @streglystendec at Port Rickaby SA 5575, Australia, attracted to light at night in front yard of beach shack,

Great Southern BioBlitz 2022

The 'Great Southern BioBlitz', or 'GSB' for short, is an international period of intense biological surveying in an attempt to record all the living species within several designated areas across the Southern Hemisphere in Spring.

Check out the Great Southern BioBlitz 2022 umbrella project, as it builds through the year

Autumn Moth Night at the Bee Hub

Don't forget our next Moth night Fri 25th Mar 22, 6:30 pm at the Bee hub, Brownhill Creek

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