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What to expect at the St. Peters Billabong Nature walk

It is a week away from our guided nature walk at St. Peters Billabong, Led Ferox australis and accompanied by the Friends of Billabong group. St Peters Billabong sits within St Peters Park and adjacent the Torrens Linear Park It is situated between the River Torrens, between eighth Avenue and River Street at St Peters. The site was recovered, previously being a dump, and has been restored as a urban wetlands habitat providing a home to a variety of native birds, insects and reptiles. The habitat consists of River red gums Desert Ash and Chilean pepper trees. During the event we will learn about the local wildlife and the efforts being made to protect and restore the area.

The Friends of Billabong will share their knowledge and expertise on the restoration work they have been doing to preserve the billabong, and how you can contribute to the cause. While the team from Ferox australis will introduce you to the power of Citizen science and the utility of platforms like iNaturalist to monitor the biodiversity in our parks and indeed revegetation projects. Globally this platform has been employed to collect data on revegetation and restoration projects and to engage the public and increase awareness of the importance of these projects.


Check out examples of iNaturalist used in restoration projects


Participants we stroll through the lush vegetation, you will learn about the importance of biodiversity, conservation and the role of citizen science in monitoring and protecting our local ecosystems. This guided walk is an educational and enriching experience that will deepen your appreciation for nature and inspire you to become an advocate for the environment. St Peters Billabong already has a project on the iNaturalist platform with 48 observers recording over 700 sightings of 192 species! we will encourage you all to contribute to this project and maybe add more species to this oasis in the middle of the inner suburbs.

The most recorded species within the park is the Eastern Water Skink Eulamprus quoyii with 34 records, so you will have a good chance of observing one of these gorgeous guys. The billabong is also a haven for birds, with 32 species recorded within the project, this is an amazing level of avian biodiversity! However, the Billabong has much more to offer with nearly sixty species of insects also reported, as diverse as dragon flies, moths and butterflies beetles and others. Do you think we can increase the number of species recorded at the Billabong? I would say yes absolutely. So grab your walking shoes, bring your curiosity and join us for a memorable and educational day out in the great outdoors. This event is suitable for nature enthusiasts of all ages and is free to attend.

Details: Date: 4th March, 2023. Time: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Location: St. Peters Billabong, river park carpark, just near the t-junction between River St. and Tenth Ave. Notes: Download the iNaturalist app on your IOS or Android device so you're all ready on the day.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with nature, learn about the local wildlife, and become a citizen scientist. See you there!

This event is funded by the Rotary Club of St Peters.



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